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A Message from the Editor

Welcome to The Logical Man Blog at Z Logic. My name is Joseph Zotto and I am the president of Z Logic, a computer services company located in Astoria, NY. I am also the editor and for the foreseeable future the primary contributor to this blog. Our goal will be to provide a forum for unique, informative articles about science, computing and technology topics. Look for “how to’s”, tips and tricks, information about major software releases and news about important people and events in the world of science, computing and technology.

“That is all well and good Joe, but what about the fun stuff? You are going to have fun stuff aren’t you?” Yes, believe it or not I am familiar with the proverb “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. As such, I will also be including items with a little more entertainment value but that still at least loosely relate to our focus. You can expect science fiction stories, puzzles, games and a variety of other topical material. It was a fascination with all things scientific and sci-fi that animated my childhood years and turned me into a perpetual student. For those of you that may be curious, the title of the blog also comes from my childhood. It is the “handle” (i.e. nickname) I was known by when I was a CB radio enthusiast in the late 70’s and early 80’s. If you remember that far back, you might guess (correctly) that the name was inspired by Supertramp’s The Logical Song.

Thirty years ago most people never heard of the internet. Now it is almost impossible to imagine life without this amazing resource and the technologies that evolved around it. Most homes have computing devices with thousands of times the processing power than it took to take our astronauts to the moon and back in 1969. 3D printers can build objects with dozens of moving parts from instructions sent from tens of thousands of miles away at the press of a button. At this moment there are several companies building flying cars. This is amazing stuff!

I am thankful to have grown up in this age of science, computing and technology. I am particularly proud of my work with medical offices and imaging centers because the advances in technology in these environments are profound and truly make a difference in the quality of life many people lead. I didn’t invent these technologies but I help to make them practical to implement and keep things running smoothly. A small but important role. Now, as I move forward with this project, I hope to make another small contribution.

You will be the judge of how well we do of course and the blog will rely on your feedback, which I hope will be frequent. Such a project has little chance of success without the thoughtful criticism and suggestions of those who wish to see it improve. I will also solicit articles from friends and family and hope some of you will be moved to share your own unique, on-topic material and experiences. Until that time, I will do my best to earn your interest and learn from my mistakes.

If you would like to submit something for possible publication on The Logical Man Blog, please email it to blog@zlogicny.com. All submissions will receive a response. Items that are published will receive an author byline and may receive a back-link at the sole discretion of Z Logic, Inc. While I cannot guarantee that all submitted material will be published, it will be considered in a timely and thoughtful fashion.

Thank you for reading The Logical Man Blog.