Recommended Vendors & Partners

Recommended Vendors & Partners of Z Logic


Z Logic has done business with many companies to support our own needs and the needs of our clients. In a time of great mediocrity among service providers a few have stood out by having a great website, offering a uniquely useful service or providing exceptional support. The best usually have a combination of these characteristics. Such vendors elevate their markets and provide standards against which others should be measured. Toward that end, Z Logic is happy to provide this list of recommended vendors (and companies that we partner with) that we believe meet this mark.

In order to be listed on our recommended vendors list, the vendor has to have been used by Z Logic directly or on behalf of our clients multiple time over several years and they must have distinguished themselves by providing outstanding value and support every time we’ve used them.


Recommended Vendors


Web Hosting

IWeb Hosting - Recommended Vendorsf you need a hosting company for your website look no further. SiteGround has been hosting the Z Logic website for several years as well as a number of our clients’ websites and there are only good things to report. They offer a well rounded menu of services that are competitively priced, newbie friendly and coupled with exceptional support. They are particularly good supporting WordPress (the platform we use) – offering one-click installation and voluminous articles in their support library on the topics that do-it-yourselfers most need. Get your project off to a quick start with the comforting knowledge that all of the tools you will likely ever need to grow and enhance your website are available at SiteGround.

Disclosure: Z Logic has an affiliate relationship with SiteGround. This means that if you make a purchase through the banner or links above, Z Logic will receive a commission. If you decide to make a purchase based on our endorsement, please do so through our links. By doing so, you will be supporting our effort to spread the word about this and other superior vendors by helping to defray the cost of maintaining this list and other free resources on our website.

RAM Upgrades

Crucial - Recommended is the website to visit if you want to perform one of the few upgrades that can still be appropriate in a modern, aging, but still viable computer system – upgrading RAM. RAM is the “workspace” of your computer. When you click on an icon to use a program that program is “read” from the hard drive (where it is stored) into RAM. The more RAM you have the more programs you can run simultaneously and the faster they will run. Crucial provides a special scanning technology to analyze your system and advise the type of RAM, how much is installed, what the maximum capacity is and other useful information and then offers suitable upgrade options. Product quality has been consistently high and their representatives are courteous and helpful. We have only ever had one problem with an order (our mistake), which was handled expeditiously with an emphasis on our satisfaction.



To provide the wide-range of services we offer, Z Logic has developed strategic partnerships with a number of companies. While we take care to recommend the best software, equipment and vendors for each job, those listed here form the core of some of our preferred solutions. Because of the close relationship we have formed with these companies we are often able to offer lower prices or obtain priority access to support for our clients. If you are interested in purchasing from any of these companies (even if you intend to install or configure these products yourself), you will likely be pleasantly surprised by the discounting and pre-sales support we can offer.


Backup Software

Macrium is our favorite software for creating backup images of servers and desktop computer systems as well as selective file and folder backups. It is fast, inexpensive, flexible and reliable. In over ten years of use it has never failed to retrieve a backup for any of our clients. Enough said.


Computer Systems

DELL EMC Authorized Partner - Recommended VendorsDell has been our preferred vendor of computer systems since we have been in business. They are the only vendor that can claim this status – with good reason. Our experience with Dell products is consistently excellent, particularly their business-class desktops, workstations and servers. Dell has improved their services for consumers and re-sellers alike over time and continues to add quality products to their offerings. A recent example would be their acquisition of SonicWALL security appliances, which allow us to more closely integrate them into our small business solutions.


Antivirus Software

Symantec-Secure-One-Registered-Partner-Recommended-Vendors Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) is our recommended antivirus solution for business and we are proud to partner with Symantec to offer this stellar product. SEP installs smoothly with a few easy to configure options. It has a small memory footprint so it doesn’t use excessive system resources as several other well-known solutions do. Real-time protection is straight-forward with helpful notifications when a detection occurs. Volume discounts and low-cost renewals encourages ongoing continuous protection without breaking the bank. They even offer additional discounting to academic, non-profit and religious organizations.

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