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The Science of Website Design

website-design-seo-social-media-marketing-web-designerWebsite design is offered by countless companies and consultants. Some even offer it as a loss leader (a free enticement to purchase other services such as website hosting). It is true that there is no great magic to creating a few simple web pages and publishing them on the internet, but professional website designers offer something more. They bring the hard won knowledge of how to optimize your site to comport with the technical specifications and best practices that will allow search engines and directories to find your site and achieve its optimum ranking in search. The process known as SEO.

If you are thinking about creating a website for your business – stop. Do it as soon as possible. Allow me to provide a few reasons for such a dramatic statement. Without a website, you will be virtually invisible to a majority of potential consumers. Most people under fifty years of age have grown up with computers and understand the basics of searching for things on the internet. With the exception of certain special demographics, people will be looking for your goods or services on-line. Because of this, traditional print ads have become substantially less effective for many products and services.

Another important reason to get a well designed website on the internet as soon as possible is to take advantage of the concept of cross-platform advertising. You should include your website address in every other piece of marketing material you create (i.e. business cards, stationary, newspaper or radio spots, etc.) This type of branding will help drive traffic to your website, which moves your site higher in search engine results, which provides the opportunity to establish a presence and generate the best return for your marketing dollars.

Start by considering the answers to the following questions, which your web designer will need to help you make informed, goal-based design choices. What is the purpose of your website? Are you selling a service or merchandise? Do you intend to sell online (eCommerce)? Who is your target market or demographic (i.e. age, sex, ethnicity, income level, etc.)? What sort of information do they expect and need? How frequently will the site be updated? Who will make those changes, the website designer or in-house staff?

Smart entrepreneurs often know the answer to some of these questions. Some even feel comfortable using their basic technological competence to create a website with one of the free or nearly free tools. Sites like these are plentiful. They are also nearly invisible to most internet users because  a functional presence is only the beginning of the process.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

A professional website design also considers the optimization of text, pictures and other design elements that allow search engines and directories to effectively find, index and drive traffic to your site. At Z Logic, we bring our considerable understanding of these processes to bear in order to execute your vision. We can’t guarantee you will get to the number one slot in search engine results. We can insure that all of the important fundamentals are addressed so that you will not be impeded as you grow your ranking organically. And we will teach you how to do it.

Layout  & Responsive Design

website-design-seo-social-media-marketing-blog-outlineAs cost is often a factor, our clients usually choose to start from a template (i.e. a ready to use layout) as the basis of their website. These templates have many advantages including code that meets industry standards without lengthy proofing and elements that have already been field tested on numerous web browsers and devices. Then, we customize it to incorporate your personality or corporate branding, making the site truly unique to your needs. All, of our website designs are responsive, which means they automatically resize for viewing on all computing devices – including tablets and smartphones. This is essential as an ever increasing number of people search for goods and services this way.

Social Media Marketing

Many businesses, particularly local ones, can benefit from a social media presence and Web Design SEO Social Media Internet Marketingmarketing program. Social media has become a part of the fabric of life over the last several years. Conversations between family, friends and associates used to occur via telephone and social gatherings. Now more often than not they occur in social media. Ignoring this environment is a monumental mistake made by many business owners often due to unwarranted fear or lack of knowledge.

A well crafted social media outreach can produce more marketing and public relations benefits for the money and effort than almost any other method.

We can teach you how to leverage these platforms and turn them into cost effective tools for promoting brand awareness, driving traffic to your website, improving your reputation and most importantly – driving sales.

Electronic Publishing

In addition to website design, SEO and social media marketing services, we also offer several additional electronic publishing services such as: fill-in forms, ebook publishing, custom database applications and intranets (i.e. websites for internal business use). Our experience gives us a deep toolbox of solutions to draw from. If you would like to explore other ways to digitize your data, we would be happy to work with you to find a solution to fit your needs.


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