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Medical IT – Managed Services for Your Practice

Medical IT is the branch of computer service focused on the unique demands of medical and dental offices and specialty facilities such as imaging and rehab centers. Z Logic has developed a record of excellence providing managed services to many single physician and group practices.

Electronic Medical Record / Electronic Health Record Systemsmedical-it-file-room

Our experience migrating numerous offices onto EMR / EHR systems has allowed us to develop the expertise to make your transition a smooth one. We can provide everything from preparing the vendor presentations to recommending and managing hardware and properly staging the process. The EMR / EHR industry has matured and there are many reliable, reasonably priced systems that can be installed locally or in the cloud to digitize your clinical and billing records.

Medical IT Implemented by Z Logic

medical-it-video-consult We usually start a relationship with a new practice by surveying the medical IT infrastructure. Then recommendations are made based on our observations and your specific goals and needs. We are often able to recommend small changes that will allow your practice to realize immediate improvements in process and work flow. Our experience is long and varied. We have designed, built and maintained secure VPN networks for sharing medical records, data, phone systems and other resources between offices. We have worked with many New York hospitals to establish connectivity with associated clinics, facilitated HL7 connectivity and implemented network fax solutions to simplify communications with associated or referring physicians. We have worked with vendors to create specialty networks such as DICOM/PACS for medical imaging and electrophysiology labs. In the world of medical IT support, experience makes a difference. Z Logic has that experience and we bring a deep commitment and focus to our work, which is a perfect match for the demanding medical IT specialty.medical-it-radiologist-in-reading-room

As reimbursement rates continue to decline all practices must tighten belts and find efficiency wherever they can. Well executed medical IT can bring great productivity and flexibility. When you partner with Z Logic, expect simple, refined solutions based on industry experience and our thoughtful, comprehensive approach. Expect a new member on your team thinking about how to make your practice more efficient and successful. Expect a partner that is always available when you call for a quick consult – anytime. In short, we do our best to bring the same kind of dedication to you that you bring to your patients. Expect nothing less from your medical IT service provider.

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